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Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA)
is the airport of St. Maarten. It is located 15 kilometers northwest of Philipsburg and is operated by Princess Juliana International Operating Company NV (PJIAE), a limited liability company, which is wholly owned by PJIAE Holding N.V. which in turn is fully owned by the Island Government of the Island Territory of St. Maarten. Under a concession granted to PJIAE by Government for a period of twenty years – effective January 3, 1997- PJIAE manages, operates, maintains and develops the Princess Juliana International Airport.
The island of St. Maarten / St. Martin is the smallest landmass in the world shared by two nations. The northern side (St. Martin) is governed by the French and the southern side (St. Maarten) is one of the five island territories that make up the semi autonomous country of the Netherlands Antilles, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. While English is the main language on both sides, Dutch is the official language on the southern side and French the official language on the northern side.
Because of its geographical location, the island plays a strategic role in the development of neighboring islands Saba, St. Eustatius (also Netherlands Antilles territories), Anguilla and St. Barths.

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As a matter of fact, the Princess Juliana International Airport serves more than the community of St. Maarten and its tourism industry. The airport is the hub that feeds St. Martin and surrounding islands as well.
PJIAE started as a small military base that was built in 1942, and was converted into a civilian airport in 1943, the first in this part of the Caribbean. It has played an important role in the socio-economic transition of St. Maarten, from an agriculturally based economy into one of the major tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Today PJIEA is the second busiest airport in the North Eastern Caribbean, in terms of aircraft movements, behind San Juan, Puerto Rico. PJIEA is the single most important strategic asset of St. Maarten.
wifilogoPJIAE is a WiFi facility



Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Attention When You’re Traveling

Posted by Steven Johnson on August 20, 2016
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Air conditioner repair is not something you should think about only when you’re at home. The AC needs plenty of attention when you’re out of the home traveling or enjoying your vacation. Scheduling repair service is a good way of ensuring it remains in excellent condition and continues serving you exceptionally well when you eventually return. It’s so easy to overlook or neglect the AC when out of town only to come back and have to face up to a huge energy bill. Here are a few ideas worth looking at to ensure the AC is in excellent condition.

Don’t leave the ACs dirty

First, you should remember that dirt and ACs are mortal enemies. The air filters in the AC need to be as clean as possible. You can’t afford to live in a home with dirty air filters. Consider changing the air filters before you embark on your journey out of the city. More importantly, invite the AC contractor into your home a few days or weeks before you leave on vacation to inspect it. The inspection helps you identify anything in the AC that’s worth repairing before serious and costlier damages arise.

Shut the ACs

Shut the AC before you walk out of the door. Check that all the doors, windows, storm shutters, curtains, and blinds are properly closed before you enter your car and set off on the journey to the nearest airport. Closing, Sealing and shading the home properly while away is one strategy you should apply to help you avoid wasting energy and money. The security of your home while you’re away is important, but so is the need for ensuring that the house doesn’t lose too much energy. Failure to do this would mean spending more money on settling huge energy bills. S

Buy programmable thermostats

Invest in a programmable thermostat. Otherwise, you would have to prepare to return to a stifling home. The programmable thermostat is capable of adjusting the temperature in your home as per the schedule you have set. It does this automatically without further human input or supervision. Today’s market is full of different types of Wi-Fi programmable thermostats that would cost you a few extra dollars. Use them to monitor and adjust the settings using any mobile device that’s in your possession.

Adjust temperatures accordingly

Don’t ignore the duration when you are out of the house as you adjust the settings on your air conditioner. Changing the temperature settings on the thermostat is a great way of saving energy. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has established the recommended settings, which you ought to adhere to. For example, it suggests a setting of not more than 85 degrees, which is around 10-15 degrees cooler than the standard settings every time you’re out of the house on vacation or as part of daily tasks.

There’s little doubt of the importance of setting the air conditioner right when you are out of the house. If the system isn’t working properly, schedule air conditioner repair before you leave and proceed on vacation. If you plan to be away for extended periods, don’t forget to turn the AC off. Do this and you will enjoy the huge savings of your money and time. Find a system or approach that works for you and put it to great use. Eventually, when you return home, you will enjoy the full benefits.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Limo For Your Event

Posted by Steven Johnson on August 18, 2016
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Hiring a limo for an event is a timeless fashion that never goes out of style. It’s the icing that allows you to stand out from the crowd and to make events memorable while maintaining a VIP presence regardless of who you are. However, with so many high-level events and different types of limos to choose from, it takes a bit of forethought to get the right combination of limos and event. Below, learn how to select the right limo for your event to get the right results at the end of the day.

The classic Lincoln limo

This is the traditional stretch limo. It has been there for decades, but it still holds its stature as a vehicle of class and novelty. It’s not as elegant as the modern limos; however, its super-stretch figure and its heritage allow it to maintain a strong presence wherever it goes. As a result, the stretch Lincoln limo is ideal for traditional events such as weddings, funerals, memorials, graduations, and even prom parties. The biggest plus with this vehicle, is that its size allows it to seat 20-plus people so you can travel inside with a quite a huge entourage.

The modern executive limo

This is the urban limo, and it’s tailored to take on an executive look. It could be from any of the major vehicle brands such as Mercedes, Maybach, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, etc. Unlike the stretch Lincoln limo, the modern executive limo is compact. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in modern touches such as reclining seats, seat warmers, and a raft of safety additions. This limo is ideal for executive uses, such as airport transfers, business meetings, dates, and corporate events.

The Hummer/SUV limo

This is the contemporary limo. It’s a stark contrast to the executive limo. It’s as long as the stretch Lincoln limo, but it has the conspicuous body of a flamboyant Hummer or any modern SUV. Not only is it long, but it’s also taller than the other two limos above. Not only that, most of these limos are fully fitted with entertainment sets and bars. They are also more spacious. The Hummer/ SUV limo is perfect for social events such as bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, boy/girls nights out, concert events, road trips, birthday parties, etc.

The party bus limo

As the name suggests, this is the party vehicle of choice. It’s essentially more of a bus than a limo. However, it’s retrofitted to create a club-like ambiance with all the bells and whistles of a stretch limo. The edge that this vehicle has is lots of space to move about, stand or store luggage in. The party bus is ideal for any celebratory event you may have, from bachelor/bachelorette parties to graduation parties, birthday parties, prom parties, road trip parties, etc. With this vehicle, you can party away on wheels and go to any location you want.

So, planning an event around Washington, DC and need transport? We offer the best limo rental DC has in store. Find lots of limo options to suit any event you have.

How to Protect Yourself from Exploitation When Renting a Bus

Posted by Steven Johnson on August 17, 2016
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It’s easy to end up paying over the odds when renting a bus in Cleveland or anywhere else for that matter. A person renting a bus for the first time can be an easy target. Therefore, find ways of protecting yourself from exploitation. Ignorance on your part gives some of the rental companies the confidence to charge you a higher rate than normal. Fortunately, you can do something to protect yourself from such forms of exploitation.

What should you do?

First, know what the law says about renting buses for whatever reason. For example, the law is clear on the number of people you can carry on a rented bus. If you lack this knowledge, the rental company won’t be able to give you a fair or accurate quote. Therefore, approach the rental company with a figure in mind. Know the number of people you want to board the bus from a particular location to your preferred destination before approaching the rental company.

It’s possible to avoid being a victim of exploitation if you know how long you need the bus. The rental company will need this information from you. Approach the rental bus with precise details of the pickup and drop off times. Many companies charge hourly rates. The companies charge for every single hour when the bus is in your possession until you return it back to them. Therefore, be clear with such information and you won’t have to worry about being exploited.

Admittedly, each Cleveland bus rental firm has its rules and regulations. You can’t save money and avoid exploitation if you don’t know the company rules. Failure to know the rules could mean paying more in penalties if you flout the regulations. For example, check the company’s policies on issues such as alcohol and entertainment among others. You will save a lot of money and avoid stressing yourself by taking such precautionary measures.

Special requests cost a premium. Special requests include asking the rental company for a bottle of champagne. Anything special that you need from the rental firm will cost you extra money. Confirm whether you need the special or additional features first before requesting the Cleveland bus rental organization for it. Ascertaining the importance of what you’re asking for first is highly recommended when operating with a tight budget.

Be ready to pay more if you insist on a highly trained and experienced driver for the bus. It’s good to have a well-experienced driver, but only if you’re ready to pay. An experienced driver gives you a fantastic time when on the road. An inexperienced driver might drive you the wrong way or destination. Go for the experienced driver if your focus is on having fun rather than worrying about the cost of renting a bus.

Therefore, you can avoid exploitation from rental bus firms. If you lack the time needed to find the best rental company, contact Cleveland bus rental for more assistance. Remember to check the law to confirm what it says about bus rentals. Check the company’s rules and regulations. Let the rental firm know how long you intend to rent the bus. Be clear about the number of people you expect to carry on the bus.

Why You Need the Best Airfare Deals for a Trip to Get Brazilian Bikini Wax

Posted by Steven Johnson on August 17, 2016
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The first time Brazilian bikini wax was mentioned, or introduced was in 1987. Since then, this form of waxing has grown popular all over the world. In the US, the practice has become one of the most popular methods of removing hair from unwanted areas on the body. Brazilian waxes are different from other types of waxing. The process involves removing unwanted hair from the front, back and everywhere else, thus worth embarking on a search for the best airfare deals.

So, why should you board the plane to receive Brazilian bikini wax?

Keeps you hairless longer

First, the process ensures you remain hairless for a long time. Waxing is different from all forms of shaving. You don’t have to worry about hair growing back in the unwanted areas after a few days or weeks. The time taken for hair to grow back depends on the amount of hair your body normally has. Therefore, you can forget about shaving the hair around the pubic area for the next month or longer, which is great news if you lead a busy life.

Keeps the hair less thick

Second, the procedure is worth boarding the plane for because it ensures your hair is never as thick or dark like before. The more you continue giving the hair the bikini wax treatment, the more you reduce its thickness and color. If you choose to keep waxing the area, unwanted hair will stop growing entirely. With time, you will barely be able to see or feel the hair, which is great news if this is what you want.

It’s less work

Shaving is too much work. Shaving requires that you spend more time in the bathroom, which is bad if you lead a busy life. If you find shaving unwanted hair such a boring task, it would be wise to get on board the plane and travel to a location where you’re likely to receive the best bikini wax. Shaving your hair requires a cautious approach from you, which is not always possible. Therefore, sit through waxing and let somebody else worry about the problem.

It eliminates black stubble

Black stubble is one of the demerits of shaving your body to remove unwanted pubic hair. The black stubble can be a nuisance. The stubble isn’t a big deal, but you could be one of the people who consider it such an unwelcome sight. Bikini wax makes the stubble less prominent or noticeable. In many cases, waxing is capable of completely removing the black stubble. Waxing ensures you end up with smooth and spotless skin.

It works better than the razor blade

Lastly, a bikini wax is capable of doing a much better job than the razor blade. The process involves waxing hair off the inside and outside of the labia. It also includes waxing hair off the butts. No matter how good you are, you will face challenges trying to shave hair from the inside of the vagina or the crack of the butts. Waxing is better because it can reach all the parts of the body where unwanted hair has grown.

Therefore, look for the best airfare deals to receive your much-deserved bikini wax.

Traveling for Court? What You Should Know Before Hiring an International Court Interpreter

Posted by Steven Johnson on July 20, 2016
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Court interpreters are an important aspect of international law.
Court interpreters are an important aspect of international law.

A lawsuit might force you to travel to a different country. This would not be a problem until you learn that the language spoken in the country you’re traveling is different from what you know. At such times, you should not panic. The best solution would be to hire an international court interpreter. The interpreter is your ally. He helps you to understand what’s happening in the court so that you’re able to respond better to the proceedings.

Before you hire him, you should know a few things first. These include:

  1. Appreciating the different types of interpreting

First, you should be clear about the exact sort of interpreting services you need. The two most common types are simultaneous and consecutive. In consecutive interpretation, the court interpreter has to give the speaker time to finish what he’s saying before interpreting it to your language. Under simultaneous interpretation, everybody wears headphones. The interpreter delivers the speaker’s words into a language that you understand through the headphones.

  1. Choosing the right interpreter

Once you know the kind of interpreter you need, your next goal is to select the right one. If it’s not possible to travel with your own interpreter, you would have to find one who’s professionally qualified in the new country. Seek help from agencies. Ask the agency to pair you with an interpreter who speaks your language. Do this to avoid or eliminate the likelihood of misunderstandings and confusion arising during court cases.

  1. Brief the Interpreter

A new interpreter is unlikely to be familiar with your court case until you brief him. A successful deposition depends on the information you give the interpreter so that he appreciates your goals. He should know what you expect from his services. Handle the interpreter as if he’s a crucial part of the legal team that you have hired. Help the interpreter to know the people who are part of the lawsuit. Give the interpreter, everything he needs to do a good job earlier.

  1. Dos and Don’ts

It’s imperative for you to speak clearly with the interpreter. You should also speak slowly so that he understands everything you’re saying. Don’t use long and complicated sentences. Reduce the jokes and humorous stories or avoid them altogether as they are hard to interpret. Ask your team to make his work easier by taking turns to speak. Don’t interrupt the interpreter. Keep excessive hand movements and gestures to a minimum, as they are impossible to interpret.

  1. Always be ready

Careful planning of your time is necessary. The court process might take twice as long once you decide to involve an interpreter. Be ready with pen and paper in case the interpreter has to take some notes. The interpreter will speak a lot; therefore, you should be ready with some bottled water that he can drink to avoid losing his voice. Once you’re through with the court interpreter’s services, don’t forget to thank him for exemplary work.

An international court interpreter is a great resource to have when traveling outside the country for deposition. He is your ally until the deposition is over. Therefore, take great care to hire only the best. Choose one who understands the languages that will be spoken or used in court. More importantly, choose one who can communicate in languages that you understand. Where possible, let the interpreter meet you right at the airport.

Why Hiring Luxury Cars Is So Special

Posted by Steven Johnson on May 02, 2016
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If you are keen on offering the best to your family as far as vacations are concerned, you must understand the importance of planning well in advance. When we talk about quality holidays, we are referring to something that is worth remembering for a long period of time. We are referring to something which would require traveling a few hundred miles and being away from the sound and pollution associated with modern day urban lives. This is perhaps the best gift that you can give to your wife and children. However, the whole process of holidaying must be planned in advance and there are quite a few challenges and loose ends which must be tied up. This will ensure that the entire holiday goes off well and your family members will have many reasons to celebrate the event and also talk about it to their friends and relatives.

Why Hiring Luxury Cars Is So Special

You will also get that much needed break from the monotony associated with today’s job and career life. When you talk about travelling in style it goes without saying that you must travel in the best of luxury cars. However, it is not possible that most of us would be having our own luxury cars. They are too expensive to buy and they are also difficult to maintain. Hence the best way to make your family travel in a luxury car is to hire a good brand of premium luxury car. There are many professionals who are in the business of luxury car rentals and finding a suitable one should not be a big problem.


However, your job of hiring the right cars will be come easy if you know about a few brands of luxury cars and models which might suit your requirements. For example there could be a few who might be satisfied with models and makes like Audi while there could be others who might be happier traveling in a rented Lamborghini or even Limousines. Hence, depending on the specific needs and requirements it would be better to identify right model and make.


Once the model and make has been finalized you must know how to draw the right agreement which is in your favor. This would require going through the agreement in detail and look for various inclusions and exclusion.  The insurance coverage that is being offered should also be looked at closely and it should form a part of the package and should be treated separately. The insurance amount would depend on the number of persons traveling in the luxury car. However, the insurance costs could be brought down through negotiations or even by looking at third party service providers. Hence quite a few things must be taken into account when it comes to hiring luxury cars.

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