Airport Transfers For Groups: What To Look For Before Hiring

If you’re traveling by air in a group (could be as a family, as business colleagues, and so on),  it’s only ideal that you seek an airport transfer medium that gives you maximum convenience as you move from the airport to your destination. If you’re in this process of booking airport transport already, read below to see what you should be looking for when seeking Heathrow airport transfers for groups.

What’s the seating capacity?

First, find out how much seating space you are getting. For a group of 4 and below, a sedan might suffice. However, for groups larger than that, look for a minivan. Minivans can carry anywhere from seven people all the way to twenty. Besides, minivans offer more leg room, and the last thing you want after a long flight is to be cramped inside a small vehicle. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you book a minivan that is too large for your needs; that will cost you more.

How much room is there for luggage?

Don’t forget that you have luggage to deal with. Make sure that the vehicle you book has enough room to accommodate all of it. Again, minivans here are great because they have a luggage compartment that can store lots of bags. But don’t assume that any minivan you book will do the job. Ask the transfer company to make sure there is enough for all your bags.

Will someone receive you at airport reception?

Again, you don’t want to arrive at the airport and to start looking around or making calls in search of your transport. It can be especially confusing when you land in a foreign country or airport and have no idea where to go. Ask the transportation company to have the driver receive you with a greeting board at reception. This will make the transfer all the merrier.

Are there any comfort services offered?

An airport transfer should be peaceful and relaxing. To this end, look for comfort amenities like music/DVD player, air conditioning, reclining seats, sunroof, etc. These can bring a world of difference to your transfer, especially if it’s a long stretch from the airport to the hotel. And if you have VIP or executive guests that you’re catering for, ask for luxury minivans/mini coaches for the transfer.

Does the transfer service provide special items on request?

Lastly, check to see if the airport transfer service can provide certain special items to their customers on request. These are items that can be requested for extra comfort or safety. For example, your entourage may want a vehicle that is wheelchair friendly or a wheelchair itself. If traveling with children, you might want a child seat for the little ones. You should request these items beforehand and see if the transfer company will be in a position to facilitate them.

If you are traveling to or from the UK, look for Heathrow Airport transfers that can accommodate your group in all the ways explained above. That way, you can be received promptly when you arrive, and you can travel in comfort with all your luggage in tow.