Top 10 Rules You Must Obey When Installing Gutters

Gutters are crucial parts of the house. You might not feel convinced about their necessity and the important role the gargoyles play until they run develop problems. An apartment with good gutters doesn’t require too many repairs and replacements.

What are the most important rules to observe when installing gutters?

Hire professionals

First, hire a professional to do the installation. Do this and you will have no reason for worrying about damages to the roofs and walls of your house. There are just some roofing tasks that shouldn’t be DIY’d.  Furthermore, professionally installed gutters will last longer then those done by amateurs (which will ultimately save money in the long run).

Remove old gutters carefully

Second, work on the old rainspouts before replacing them with new ones. Remove all the old gargoyles instead of pairing them up with the new ones. Exercise caution while removing the old gutters to avoid damaging roofs and walls or injuring yourself.

Work with a plan

Third, always have a plan. Draw and use your home’s map to see where to install the gutters. Calculate the length of each section and the parts you will need. While at it, don’t forget to focus on the following:

  1. Attachment points
  2. Hangers
  3. Corners
  4. Caps
  5. Screws

A Roofer with Fall Protection

Mark exact places for installing gutters clearly

Fourth, never forget to mark the correct places where you want the gutters to be installed. Use stuff such as chalk for the marking. Remember to install the gutters while slightly inclined. The recommended angle is 2cm for every 3m.

Cut the gutter lengths appropriately

Fifth, it’s advisable to cut the gutters into the appropriate lengths. The measures should be based on the sides of the home. The chalk markings are to guide you. Therefore, confirm that they are long enough thus capable of reaching the center of the downspout.

Start with the downspouts

Never proceed with the installation before working on the downspouts first. The downspouts have to be installed first, followed by hangers and the actual lengths in that order. When installing the whole system, begin from the highest point while working your way to the drain pipe’s outlet.

Pay attention to the joints

Next, the joints need extensive attention to. They need proper sealing. Therefore, invest in some silicone sealants or glue and use them on each joint. The purpose of this is ensuring that the joints are watertight, which is crucial if you’re to prevent dripping and leaking.

Fit the downspouts into the entire system

The downspouts are pretty much the crux of any gutter system.  Check that the downspouts fit the whole system well. Downspouts are a bit challenging to install; hence, the reason for exercising plenty of caution to do the job well. If you’re unsure of your skills, leave the installation of downspouts to a trained and highly experienced professional.

Inspect and repair gutters regularly

The new gutters need plenty of attention. Regular inspection and maintenance are highly advised to identify the existing and potential problems early. Remember, any problem you notice on the gutters early requires less money, time and effort to fix.

Lastly, check the weather before you begin installing the gutters. Replacing the gutters is too much work, thus requires plenty of time and work on your part. You may not be able to finish the work if you decide to repair, replace, install or inspect the gutters in terrible weather.

Remember, it’s better to leave the work to professionals instead of messing the work up.