What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway to St. Maarten

St. Maarten, which is also known as Saint Martin and Saint Maarten, is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It has a warm climate. The island’s sunny beaches are worth spending eternity on. It is a renowned tourist attraction too. For this reason, it has several stunningly beautiful sights and landmarks worth visiting during your trip. Your ability to enjoy all that it offers depends on carrying or packing the right stuff for that weekend getaway.

Below are some items you should pack while traveling for a weekend getaway to St. Maarten.

How much to Pack?

Depending on the length of your stay, and baggage considerations at your airline, this will dictate how much you should or can pack for your trip.  If coming for a weekend stay, a simple overnight bag filled with some outfits and personal items should be fine.  If staying for a full week, you’ll want to bring a full suitcase as well as a carry-on item.

Warm weather clothes

Temperatures are fine in St. Maarten for most of the year. Warm temperatures are the norm. Based on this, you would be better off carrying warm weather clothes and accessories. The warm weather outfits will also prove handy in case you end up at a place lacking functional air conditioning. Jeans, sweatshirts, and sweaters will not help you much. Whatever you carry, do not forget to throw in some shorts and t-shirts in your suitcase too.

Bathing suit

A bathing or swimming suit would also be an excellent inclusion in your suitcase. As previously stated, St. Maarten is endowed with some of the best beaches. Surely, you would not mind diving into the beautiful waters for a bit of swimming? A weekend getaway does not offer you much time to indulge yourself in other activities. For the most part, you are likely to spend the entire weekend at the beachside or in 1-2 nightclubs when darkness falls.

Sunscreen lotion

Carry something with which to protect your skin. The temperatures can be quite high, which would increase the risk of the extreme sun that makes you more uncomfortable. Therefore, carry sufficient sunscreen lotion. Apply the lotion whenever you plan to dash to the beach to rest or for a bit of diving into the alluring water for a bit of a swim. Whatever you do, never leave your skin unprotected. The hotel you stay at will provide most toiletries you need.


You can survive on a single pair of sandals during your weekend getaway in St. Maarten. The warm temperatures will not allow you to wear other types of footwear you are accustomed to, back at home. You may also need a pair of beach shoes, which come in handy when at the beach, just as the name suggests. While at it, don’t leave at least three pairs of light socks, as you will need them when on the plane to and from this beautiful, magical Caribbean island.

Traveling documentation

Lastly, don’t forget to carry all the documents you need when traveling. Here, you will need your passport. Your plane ticket should also be in safe custody, especially if you purchased a return ticket, which you should do for the weekend getaway. Carry some money on you even though you can use credit cards anywhere on the island. Never forget to carry something to read or listen to as well just in case you will not feel like exploring the island.


St. Maarten is one of most beautiful places in the world, and Princess Juliana International Airport is happy to serve it and bring interested travelers from around the world.  Following these simple tips, you can make sure your trip to the island is an enjoyable one.