Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Attention When You’re Traveling

Air conditioner repair is not something you should think about only when you’re at home. The AC needs plenty of attention when you’re out of the home traveling or enjoying your vacation. Scheduling repair service is a good way of ensuring it remains in excellent condition and continues serving you exceptionally well when you eventually return. It’s so easy to overlook or neglect the AC when out of town only to come back and have to face up to a huge energy bill. Here are a few ideas worth looking at to ensure the AC is in excellent condition.

Don’t leave the ACs dirty

First, you should remember that dirt and ACs are mortal enemies. The air filters in the AC need to be as clean as possible. You can’t afford to live in a home with dirty air filters. Consider changing the air filters before you embark on your journey out of the city. More importantly, invite the AC contractor into your home a few days or weeks before you leave on vacation to inspect it. The inspection helps you identify anything in the AC that’s worth repairing before serious and costlier damages arise.

Shut the ACs

Shut the AC before you walk out of the door. Check that all the doors, windows, storm shutters, curtains, and blinds are properly closed before you enter your car and set off on the journey to the nearest airport. Closing, Sealing and shading the home properly while away is one strategy you should apply to help you avoid wasting energy and money. The security of your home while you’re away is important, but so is the need for ensuring that the house doesn’t lose too much energy. Failure to do this would mean spending more money on settling huge energy bills. S

Buy programmable thermostats

Invest in a programmable thermostat. Otherwise, you would have to prepare to return to a stifling home. The programmable thermostat is capable of adjusting the temperature in your home as per the schedule you have set. It does this automatically without further human input or supervision. Today’s market is full of different types of Wi-Fi programmable thermostats that would cost you a few extra dollars. Use them to monitor and adjust the settings using any mobile device that’s in your possession.

Adjust temperatures accordingly

Don’t ignore the duration when you are out of the house as you adjust the settings on your air conditioner. Changing the temperature settings on the thermostat is a great way of saving energy. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has established the recommended settings, which you ought to adhere to. For example, it suggests a setting of not more than 85 degrees, which is around 10-15 degrees cooler than the standard settings every time you’re out of the house on vacation or as part of daily tasks.

There’s little doubt of the importance of setting the air conditioner right when you are out of the house. If the system isn’t working properly, schedule air conditioner repair before you leave and proceed on vacation. If you plan to be away for extended periods, don’t forget to turn the AC off. Do this and you will enjoy the huge savings of your money and time. Find a system or approach that works for you and put it to great use. Eventually, when you return home, you will enjoy the full benefits.